Ever After High Raven Queen Magic Arrow Doll (IN-STOCK)



  • Help Raven Queen doll let her arrows fly and let your imagination soar -- she actually shoots the arrows with her bow for a magical effect!
  • ​A two-in-one outfit adds to the fun of the working bow-and-arrow set by doubling the Ever After High princess doll’s looks and the storytelling fun
  • ​Raven Queen doll’s long overskirt doubles as a cape so she can go from royal occasion to adventuring archer -- floral prints on both sides are a fableously fashionable look
  • ​Help Raven Queen doll practice her archery skills: place the bow loaded with an arrow in her left hand, and fit the fingers of her right hand into the slot at the bottom of the arrow. Then press the button in her back to watch her pull the arrow back and let it fly!
  • ​Three arrows are included so you can really work on your aim!


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