Monster High Gore-geous Accessories Robecca Steam Doll


When a ghoul is freaky fabulous, she should be fabulously proud! never ashamed of their legacies, the monster high ghouls love to advocate their ancestry with killer fashions that are un-dead on! honey swamp, daughter of the honey island swamp monster, and Robecca steam, daughter of a mad scientist, have each found two of the most clawesome bags to suit their scary cool styles. Wearing dresses with signature touches, they can't wait to complete their looks with these uhhh-mazing accessories. Honey swamp doll looks perfect (as always) in a pink, blue and white dress with a monsterrific print and purple collar; swamp-inspired purple shoes make a splash. She can make more waves stepping out with either the golden purse and its monster face or the blue handbag with purple swamp flowers that match her shoes. Robecca steam is just as iconic in a white dress with blue bodice, golden clock print and ruffled sleeves; blue booties are out-of-this-world. She can accessorize steam punk style with a gore-geous blue circle bag (with pendulum) or a gear-decorated box bag that offers cutting-edge effect. With options to optimize, these ghouls will also look freaky fabulous! collect them both to expand the possibilities for monster play and display. Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus two purses. Each sold separately. Dolls cannot stand alone.

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