Monster High Minis Season 2 - WAVE 1 (Set of 18) IN-STOCK


Each small figure is recognizable through signature styles, iconic elements and monsterrific details.
Unique outfits are clawesome and dramatic hairstyles flawesome!
Plus, different Monster High™ mini themes mean different collections to build.
Watch for new introductions and continue to skelebrate these freaky fabulous beast friends and expand the collecting fun.

Characters to Include;

  • Frankie Mermaid Ghoul
  • Frankie Fruit Ghoul
  • Draculaura Geek Shriek
  • Clawdeen Power Ghoul
  • Clawdeen Chalkboard Ghoul
  • Cleo Power Ghoul
  • Cleo Teddy Bear Ghoul
  • Lagoona Sporty Monster
  • Ari Chalkboard Ghoul
  • Abby Mermaid Ghoul
  • Twyla Candy Ghoul
  • Catty Noir Teddy Bear Ghoul
  • Venus Fruit Ghoul
  • Rochelle Geek Shriek
  • Catrine Sporty Monster
  • Moanica Mermaid Ghoul
  • Skelita Glow in the Dark
  • Gigi Original Ghoul

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